TREE OF LIFE WELLNESS CENTER has been in the business of cancer care for 9 years. We see amazing results and success stories in this endeavor. We treat them with our 10 treatment modalities that have been proven effective in cancer care.

1. Nourish the good cells through juicing therapy
2. Strengthening the good cells thru mega doses of Vitamin C infusion
3. Flushing out the accumulated toxins in your body through Hydrocolonics (Colon Cleansing)
4. Supplementation of Vit. B17 to correct the deficiency
5. Shrink tumor/cancer cells through targeted herbal therapy
6. Boosting immune system through rechanneling your energy by touch therapy
7. Correcting electrical blockages through acupuncture
8. Removing parasites and fungus through biozapper
9. Alkalinizing the body through alkaline therapy
10. Rectal Ozone which send nitric oxide in the body to correct deficiencies and increases oxygen supply to the body which is not ideal for cancer cells to thrive in

We would like to share with you the latest breakthrough in Cancer Treatment. In just 10 days, bleeding stops, pain is gone and patients feel more energized than before!
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